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Large area of ​​operation in Bussiness Law .

The Law Firm has a strong litigation department with a highly specialized group of lawyers who represent clients in all areas.

This interlink of the areas give to our clients the solutions to their operations and problems.

Litigation in:

  • Contracts;
  • Civil and Commercial Liability;
  • Rental procedures and contracts;
  • Mortgage;
  • Bankruptcy and Court Supervised Composition with Creditors;
  • Inventories;
  • Wills and testaments;
  • Any kind of civil and commercial contracts, such as purchase and sale, supply, distribution, commercial representation, franchising, factoring, guaranty and insurance.

Specialized advice ou the conduct of conflicts by managing interests relating to the organization maintenance and protection os assets, and providing guidance in relation to disputes, preparation of divison os assets, assessment for division os assets, follow-up and preparation os inventories, filings and preparation of wills.

Acting in non-litigious and litigious separations, divorces, pension issues, preparation of pre-nuptial and marital agreements.

Preventive action in conflicts between product and service suppliers and consumers;

Drafting or review of commercial, financial, insurance, and technical assistance contracts, instruments of guarantee, as well as advertising material within Consumer Protection Code;

Court action in individual and collective consumer litigation.

Counselling and litigation in:

  • Incorporation and Structuring of Companies;
  • Corporate Restructuring: Mergers, Spin-offs, Splits and Amalgamations;
  • Bylaws, Charters, Minutes of Meetings;
  • Acquisitions of Companies;
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances;

Counselling and Litigation in:

  • Banking Contracts, such as hot money and leasing;
  • Commercial, Lending, Inter-Company Loans;
  • Assets-Based, Secured and Guaranteed Transactions;
  • Project Finance; Securitization and Receivables Leveraged Financing;
  • Credit Recovery; Debt Restructuring.

Following of real transactions:

  • Avaliação da titularidade e situação de ônus sobre imóveis urbanos e rurais.
  • Consultoria, elaboração e revisão de escrituras e contratos referentes à compra e venda de imóveis (rurais e urbanos), locação, cessão, transferência, permuta, doação, dação, parcerias, consórcios, condomínios, loteamentos, “shopping centers”, hotéis, desdobramentos e incorporações.
  • Atuação perante os cartórios de registros de imóveis, S.P.U. (Serviço de Patrimônio da União) e demais repartições.
  • Estudos e pareceres sobre os mais diversos temas imobiliários.

Counselling and drafting of contracts or deeds of purchase and sale, leasing, assignments, transfers, exchange, donation/gifts, settlements and performance, partnerships, consortiums, condominiums, shopping malls, hotels;

Regularization of real estate documentation.

Assessoramento a empresas nacionais e estrangeiras no exame, revisão e negociação de contratos internacionais.

Advice to companies on the preparation and negotiation of national and international agreements and contracts to license intellectual property rights, to transfer technology and technical and scientific assistance in several areas, as well as cost-sharing agreements; registration and approval/entry of such agreements with the relevant government agencies; legal assistance in court proceedings involving disputes in intellectual property rights such as brand and patent forgery, unfair competition, product seizure, and so on;

Assistance to companies, whether as customers or suppliers, contracting computer goods and services (hardware and software) distribution and software licensing, including the preparation of agreements and contracts; advice on compliance with legal rules and requirements as regards rights protection and registration of agreements of such nature.

Advice and drafting of all types of international treaties.

Legal advice to companies holding concession rights for public services and works and holding authorizations to provide public services;

Guidance on administrative contracts and applicable legislation;

Counselling and following of judicial and extra-judicial measures of dispossession procedures;


Defense in administrative demands before the Central Bank and the National Finance System of Appeals Council;

Administrative and Court defense of customs duties matters.

Advice on the preparation and following of industrial or forestry projects as well as obtaining the required registrations from the environment authorities;

Administrative and court defense of environment matters.

Advice, administration and legal representation at federal, state and local levels:

Preventive action;


Defense in administrative and legal suits;

Recovery of fiscal credits;

Challenging of taxes, fees and illegal contributions.

Legal assistance in general with preparation and negotiation of contracts involving aircraft ownership and their commercial use;

Procedural compliance with government agencies (Ministry of Aeronautics, Agency of Civil Aviation, Brazilian Aeronautics Register);

Assistance to foreign airlines for setting up and operating in Brazil.

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