Thecnology and Organization

Your process held securely and quicky data management.

In order to enable a perfect integration with the lawyers of our firm and ensure a speedier assessment and processing of internal and external information, the law firm has the latest generation software and equipment, such as time sheet, contract management, financial and commercial management software program, for example.

The firm provides a modern information storage and retrieval system over a network and a modern Intranet to perform research and filing routines, pursue learning initiatives and conduct internal communications efficiently.

An informatics support team is responsible for making the working structure available, supporting the infrastructure that enables better network management which, in turn, yields efficient output for all its clients, with reliable and agile information processing.

And, at last, with the intent of constantly evaluating the methodology used and creating new internal procedures that aim at improving the firm, there is one partner who is in charge of receiving and evaluating all suggestions from both collaborators and clients.

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